Innovative Farmer               

Innovation : Mini Power Sprayer

    Name:   Shri Santosh Kumar Chandrawanshi

   Age:      40 Years

   Education:    Higher Secondary

   Land Holding: 6.5 Hectares

   Farming Experience: 7 Years

DSC04308   Crops: Soybean, Rice, Pigeon pea, Chick pea, Sugarcane

                                  Animals: Cow

                                  Address: Village – Daujari, Post – Ramhepur, Block- Kawardha

                                  District- Kabirdham (C. G.), Pin- 491995

                                              Mobile: 09752524972  

Description of Innovation:

Ø  Sprayer consists of a motor (12 Volt D.C.),  a battery (4 Ampere), nozzles fitted in plastic pipe and a tank

Ø  Sprayer is installed in an iron frame (3.5 feet x 2.5 feet) run by 4 wheels (of bicycle)

Ø  Iron frame is so fabricated that the gap/distance between wheels can be adjusted as per the row spacing of crops

Ø  Plastic pipe containing nozzles is supported by iron pipe and its height can be adjusted up to 5 feet according to height of crops

Ø  Position of nozzles can be adjusted as per requirement

Ø  Chemical solution is sprayed in the form of fine droplets/mist and covers about 4 hectare area in a day

Ø  Cost of implement amounts to be around Rs. 4500=00 to Rs. 5000=00

Utility and Advantage of Innovation:

Ø  The sprayer is useful for spray of agricultural chemicals (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides etc.)

Ø  The implement delivers liquid (chemicals) at sufficient pressure so that it reaches all the foliage and spread evenly over the sprayed surface

Ø  In addition to agricultural chemicals, the implement can also be used for spray of urea, DAP and micronutrients in field as well as vegetable crops

Ø   In the present day farming situations, labour availability is uncertain and costly so this low cost implement is very useful

Ø  A single person can handle the implement